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NEW! Magnum Navigator 


A beautifully designed, purpose built electric bike well suited to urban riding or commuting. Step-thru frame for easy mounting and dismounting. Comfortable upright seated posture. Powerful 500 watt motor paired with a large 48 volt 12 amp hour battery pack, offers both pedal assist and throttle mode. One year comprehensive warranty.


NEW!! Magnum Payload Cargo Bike

$3469 - $3999 (13amp - 18amp)

This heavy duty Electric Cargo Bike can easily carry you and your cargo…be it several boxes or a passenger…the long tail rear deck is very versatile and practical. The running boards along the bottom are great as foot rests and are also removable if you prefer to use some extra long pannier bags. The cargo deck on the front of the bike is fixed to the frame so your load does not shift as you navigate the streets.

The Payload has a step through design, which makes getting on and off the bike easy and safe, even when fully loaded. It also has a very stable double legged kickstand, so that you can load the bike without concern for it tipping over.

The 500 watt motor and 48 volt / 13 amp hour battery will power you through city traffic (at up to 32 kph) with confidence and give you enough range to get all of your deliveries complete.

The Payload has a weight capacity of 350 pounds, so there is a lot of cargo capacity available to keep you productive. The Tektro Hydraulic disc brakes with 180MM rotors will ensure all that weight can come to a fast and safe stop.

Given all of the work that this bike will help you accomplish…at $3,650 this is an outstanding value.


Trek Verve+ 3 


Verve+ 3 is an electric hybrid bike that gives your daily cruises, commutes, and workouts a boost. The Bosch pedal-assist system is powerful and reliable, and the battery is fully encased in the frame for great looks and better balance. 

Why you'll love it

  1. Trek's Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system looks great and is super user-friendly: it fully hides the battery in the frame and makes it easy to remove the battery without tools

  2. The 250-watt Bosch motor helps you sustain speeds up to 20 mph

  3. It comes equipped with lights, fenders, and a rear rack so you're ready to ride right from the start

  4. The suspension seatpost absorbs fatiguing bumps in the road

  5. Compatible with Range Boost—an additional battery that doubles your e-bike’s range so you can ride longer, commute farther, and take on bigger adventures





The integrated Specialized 1.2 E motor, the Turbo Vado proves itself as the ultimate urban bike. The 1.2 E uses the same hardware as our 1.2 motor, but it features a tune that prioritizes efficiency. This means less peak torque and maximum output. Of course, it still features a near-silent operating design with our Custom Rx Street Tune that takes the output and makes it the most usable for an urban environment. Think of it this way: The more power you put out, the more power the motor puts out. The belt driven motor is also smooth, silent, and free of annoying vibrations.

For the Vado 3.0, we developed a custom Specialized U1-460 battery that seamlessly integrates into the frame, is lockable, and easily removable for simplified charging.

To top off all of the innovative features, we chose a worry-free spec that features Shimano 9-speed components, hydraulic disc brakes, racks, front/rear lights, and fenders.


Trek Verve 2 + 


  • Lightweight Alpha Gold Alluminum frame 

  • 250-watt Bosch Active Line motor capable of sustaining speeds up to 32 km/h, a PowerPack 400Wh battery

  • The lowstep frame design makes it easy to hop on and go, and hop off when your ride is over

  • This bike gets you outside more and helps you make the most of every commute, cruise, and workout

  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, 45c Width tires, and suspension seat post complete a very reliable spec.

  • It comes equipped with lights, fenders, and a rear rack so you're ready to ride right from the start

DEMO IN SHOP. 2 Men's Mediums, 1 Small Womans.

SPECIALIZED COMO (Men's and Wmns) 

It's cool to go fast, but it's only fun if you're comfortable. Sadly, speed and comfort rarely come together, but the Turbo Como 3.0 650b is out to change that. With a comfortable geometry, a sleek, stylish design, and our exclusive, award-winning technology, you'll get an extra jolt of power that'll make riding just as fun as it is functional.

  • The custom Turbo Aluminum frame on the Como cleanly houses the battery and motor, while still keeping the lightweight properties that E5 is known for.

  • The Turbo Como’s Specialized 1.2 E motor emphasizes efficiency and range. It's also fully integrated with the frame, and has been custom-tuned for city riding. It intuitively reacts to the force of your pedaling, so the harder you pedal, the more power it delivers. And with an internal belt drive design, it does this without added vibration for the smoothest and most silent ride possible.

  • We made the custom 460 Wh battery to be fully integrated with the frame, removable for easy charging, and lockable for added security. It communicates with the display and has multiple modes to maximize the overall efficiency and range.


3 Small Step Thru Woman's and 4 Med / Large Men's in Stock



  • Allant+ 7 is an award-winning performance e-bike built for riders and commuters who want a stylish, durable e-bike with the added road-smoothing benefits of a suspension fork. A powerful Bosch drive system, quality parts, and a wealth of thoughtful design details make this electric bike a smart solution for getting around town every day.

  • A powerful drive system and thoughtful features make it even more feasible and fun to leave your car at home

  • The elegant and compact Bosch Purion controller lets you check your speed, distance, and battery range

  • Trek's Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system looks great and is super user-friendly: it fully hides the battery in the frame and makes it easy to remove for off-bike charging and storage

  • The fork's lockout feature ensures you're always riding efficiently: close it for smooth pavement, open it up on rougher roads

  • Compatible with Range Boost—an additional battery that doubles your e-bike’s range so you can ride longer, commute farther, and take on bigger adventures

1 Medium and 1 Large Left in Stock as of July 24! 





The Norco Charger VLT is built to meet the needs of the evolving electric bike rider. It looks and rides trails like an ultra-capable electric mountain bike, and is built for versatility.

Its fully-integrated, state-of-the-art Shimano STEPS E7000 electric mountain bike drive system is seamlessly-mounted into its aluminum frame, making it easy to ride, simple to operate, and just the bike you need. And the removable 504Wh downtube-mounted battery lets you lock up confidently, and take the battery with you for convenient charging and safekeeping.

The capable, durable 9-speed e-optimized Shimano Alivio drivetrain is perfectly geared for around town and on the trails, and the Charger VLT’s added speed is kept in check with powerful Tektro HD-M285 disc brakes. With fender and rack mounts, you’ll find yourself riding the Charger VLT more often, in more ways than you ever thought you would. 

As of July 7 we have 2 Med, 2 Large and 1 XL


Promovec Kits 

  • 500W conversion kit for 700c or 29er Bikes

  • Cassette freehub body 8 - 10 speed

  • Compatible with both rim and disc brakes

  • Downtube mounted, long range 48V x 7.8Ah battery or Rear Rack Mount for Step Thru Bikes. 

  • Controller with throttle and LCD display included

  • Fast and Fun!

  • DEMO BIKE in the shop - test ride it today!

  • $1699 Installed




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