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Maintenance Class Series

Ready to build up your bike maintenance skills?

Registration for our hands-on bike maintenance

courses is now open! You’ll build a solid foundation

on how all the parts of a bike work and how to do

your own repairs, and leave with a tuned up bike 

($70 value).

The classes are taught by Sean Mulligan,OutSpokin’

Owner, and include a 15% discount on Park Tools for

your personal collection.

* For Students of all 5 Sessions


3 Sessions of your choice - Friday Night, Saturday day and Sunday morning for $175 pp (reg $195 pp). Min 2 people. 


YOUTH PROGRAM FRIDAY MORNINGS 9:30am - 12pm - Min 2 Max 4, AGES 10+ - $35 / class.

Class Descriptions

The goal of these courses is to provide the skill set and knowledge requisite to perform a comprehensive bicycle tune up and fully understand the concepts and tools employed therein. We will draw principally from the Park Tool blue book (BBB-2), but will present knowledge, experience and tricks obtained from many years working in a shop environment as well. The goal of the course is to cover all material requisite to perform our “Major Tune Up" offered at the shop, and more. Or, if you prefer, you can sign up for just one or two specific course or individual sessions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Note: OutSpokin is a small community shop that serves the average rider. As a result, the bulk of our service works is done on low to mid end mountain, hydrid and road bikes, ranging from the 80's to today. These classes are geared (pun intended) towards commuters and regular riders of these types of bikes. If you are riding a $7000 Trek Domane with Di2 - this class is probably not for you. 

Session 1 – Shifting (Incl Drive Train Cleaning) 

  • Bike Wash / drivetrain clean / lubrication

  • Intro to Shift Systems

    • Shift cable replacement / lubrication

    • Shift and Brake Adjustment  

  • Front derailleur alignment

  • Rear derailleur hanger alignment

  • Rear derailleur adjustment

Session 2 – Brakes

  • Rim Brakes (CH 12)

  • Cable inspection and removal

  • Brake pad removal and installation

  • Caliper adjustment Disc Brakes (CH 11)

  • Shimano Brake Bleed

Session 3 – Wheels

  • Wheel removal (CH2)

  • Tire / tube Replacement (CH 2)

  • Removal and installation of Cassette or Freewheel (CH 3 & 4)

  • Hub adjustment (CH 4) and / or Overhaul

  • Wheel truing (CH 5)

Session 4 – Drivetrain

  • Pedal Removal, inspection, and installation

  • Crankset removal

  • Chainring removal, inspection, and installation

  • BB removal, inspection, and installation (bb shell inspection)

  • Crankset installation

  • Chain wear and proper lubrication

  • Chain removal

  • Chain sizing and installation

Session 5 – Headsets / Stems 

  • Headset overhaul

  • Headset adjustment

  • Stem installation

Session 6 - Hydrualic Brake Bleeding (Extra Upon Request)

  • Learn how to bleed Shimano, Avid or Sram Brakes

  • Shortening hydrualic housing

  • Piston recessing

  • Brake Pad cleaning and replacement

For students of ALL SESSIONS: You will also be given the skills to properly troubleshoot and “safety check” all component groups found on virtually all types of bicycles.

Class Details and Registration

Time: 9am - 12pm @ OutSpokin Bike Shop

Location: 131 McPhillips Ave

Cost Per Session: $, or all 5 Sessions for $300 (incl. $40 Park Tool BBB-2 Repair Book).  50% reservation required to reserve spot. Deposit is only refundable if OutSpokin cancels the class due to illness, emergencies or too few students.  Remainder is due by on the day of the Session. OutSpokin customers who purchased their bikes in house receive 20% off! 

Registration in Person or call Outspokin to register: 250 931 BIKE. E-transers can be sent to

Minimum class size is 2 students, Max 4.  OutSpokin Bike Shop reserves the right to cancel a class if fewer than 2 students sign up.  You will be offered a full refund or new dates to consider should that happen.